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I grew up in my family's photography business in Pueblo, Colorado, working at my father's side from the age of 12. I answered the phone, filed orders, and stood on a box to help customers at the counter. When I was 16, my father gave me my first camera and I gradually became more involved in the photo-taking process in the studio.

Our family went through some hard times starting in 1988, when my father was in an accident that left him a quadriplegic. I took over running the family studio, and then in 1990 my mother was diagnosed with cancer and five months later, she was gone. The following year my father died, and I'll always be grateful for the outpouring of support from the Pueblo community. I purchased the studio and ran it for 9 more years, upholding my father's standards of quality prints and customer satisfaction.

In 2000 I visited Sarasota while on vacation, and fell in love with it. Selling the Colorado studio, I bought a house here and worked freelance and from my home studio. This year, I bit the bullet and opened a studio in the Northgate plaza. All of my lights, backdrops, and silly pet props are ready!

I've always used one of the top labs in the country and pride myself on producing high quality, beautiful prints that my clients are proud to display and share. These days, many people are able to take nice looking photos using their phones or point and shoot cameras, and that's fine for sharing on Facebook or in emails. But if you want to have a beautifully printed portrait to frame and hang in your home, or to give as a gift; a photo that will be passed down for generations, I'm just hanging out here in paradise, waiting for you to call or email me. Let's get started!


Me and Dad
Where's my hair?!


My father took this photo of me after I broke my leg...while learning to walk!


Dad's photo of my gorgeous mom.


Photography ~ Sarasota, Florida